Message from William…

14 11 2010

VIDEO (click here)


I feel bad, horrible. 14 dolphins, God’s creation were killed last night. Dolphins breathe air; before they killed the dolphins the fishermen just drag them ruthlessly through the water. Just like whales, they breathe air. They separate the babies from the moms and they have live birth. They feed their young for over one year. In dog years that’s a long time. When they kill them, it’s just for the money. It’s hard, it’s just hard. I saw my mom crying today when she saw the video from Sea Shepherd. Its horrible how they brutally slaughter them each day and when we get there we are going to see it. People question why do they it – it’s all for the money, all for the money. And the government just tries to cover it up. People in Japan can’t watch the movie “The Cove” because the government won’t allow. So, we’re thinking in the Tokyo airport we would show the movie on our laptop for onlookers to watch. The Japanese people deserve to know the truth. I’m thinking it may get us in trouble because they have cameras in the airport.

I wrote another letter today to the Japanese government asking them to please stop. Will you write one too?

Please save the dolphins.

William DeBord




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14 11 2010

Writing more than one William–will keep writing until they stop killing the dolphins. Be brave and stay strong…I think you being there will make a difference.


14 11 2010
Mark B

Good job William, we will all be cheering you on from all over the world!

14 11 2010
Dolphin Dance Project

Thanks for doing your part to save the dolphins!

14 11 2010
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14 11 2010

Hi William
Thankyou for being so brave, its a very important job to show Japan how we feel aboutour beautiful dolphin friends.And it will be extra powerful for them to see a boy your age being so brave. Remember when you get there that you are not alone, we are all here…from every corner of the world…we are writing our letters to japanese embassies and we will be watching and reading all that you write and record.Lets KEEP holding this vision….. Swim fast, Swim Far, Swim Free Dolphins…if we all do it together we can make it happen…
big hugs from Nori xxxx

14 11 2010
Louise Mauter

I too was shocked at the newest video coming out of Taiji. Disgust!! I cannot believe that this is still happening, especially with the rest of the world showing their anger!!! I am writing to everyone and anyone, I am making my calls!! Stay healthy and strong in Taiji and know we are all sporting you and your efforts!!!!!

For the Dolphins,

15 11 2010

Hi William,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I think you have the right attitude. Your persistent, respectful, peaceful presence and voice can help change attitudes and behavior. You are wonderful. Keep being who you are.

26 11 2010
gigi brescia italy

thanks from italy! i send letter @ and make donations but you are the very hero save dolphins please !

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