Why are we going to Taiji, why is this so important? A number of reasons really, but here are a few on top of our minds…

William has a gigantic heart for animals – its his intention to work with animals, and be an activist – protecting them and the environment that they are losing to over development…he looks up to the brave men and women of Sea Shepherd, Save Japan Dolphins, Sharkwater and all those who were instrumental in the Academy Award winning movie, The Cove. Frankly, I won’t argue – I agree with him 100%!

Our passion for life is enormous and we want our words to match our deeds. God created a beautiful existence for all to share and manage and God willing, William and me want to protect it. William and I believe that we have a responsibility to respect all of God’s creations regardless if its human, animal, plant, etc. Life is life and its precious to us.

Our desired outcome from this experience:
1) To raise awareness to as many people as possible of what happens to nearly 23,000 dolphins each hunting season in Japan. This must stop.

2) By our respectful presence in Taiji, we hope it communicates to the fisherman and the Japanese government that we are watching and care about the situation.

3) To save dolphins so they can swim freely in the ocean.

We encourage you to explore some of the websites on our Blogroll to learn more about what’s happening and to see what you can do to help.

We hope you will travel with us through this experience and help if you can.

This particular campaign is all for the dolphins – may they swim forever free!

Carrie & William DeBord


5 responses

15 10 2010
Kevin McGlothlin

I wish you and William the best on your adventure … be safe!

17 11 2010
Mike Lorden

When are you folks headed to Taiji? I’ll be there on the second of December. Maybe I’ll see you there?
Travel safely,

21 11 2010
David Blanchard

Looks like somebody has rebuilt the rock dolphin again. Awesome! To whoever is helping maintain it, we thank them. We were the ones who first built it, but it has been destroyed by the dolphin killers 3 times now. I like the RIP. When I first did it, it said SOS. We think it is awesome that a 10-year-old is there. We had our 2 babies out there last week. It was hard to leave. Keep up the good work.

For the dolphins,


22 11 2010
Carrie & William

Hi David – its an amazing place that will have a glorious future once this issue is behind them, Taiji that is. Bless you and your family for making the journey. Love being a part of the solution. All the best, Carrie & William.

5 12 2010

Hi Carrie, I posted this on Holise’s blog. I left a message on your FB wall but I thought that the following could help you better know about me:■Hi Holise, pardon me for failing to clarify a few things in my previous post. I was apparently all over the place when I mentioned my monthly donations to SS and what your thots are about Bob Timmons. He wrote me back earlier 2day to say that he’s leaving for Taiji in mid-Jan. His art auctioin on 11/29 was a success and he’s looking to buy a plane ticket this month.
I found about Sea Shepherd just last year from a friend. I told him about my support for WWF and WSPA (I still think WSPA is great – I asked a local activist friend, Sean McCormack from the UK, and he confirmed this much for me.) My friend told me about Whale Wars and that SS is about taking direct-actions. I was intrigued and did a little research, which didn’t disappoint. SS was rated a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator. Since then on I knew I was on the right track by supporting the group financially.
I found about the Cove during this year’s Oscars ceremony. During “this year’s nominees are:”, they showed a girl being interviewed for witnessing the slaughter. She recalled her experience in watching the dolphins die – that before the dolphins died they tried to swim to her. She recalled these memories in a choked voice and tears. I saw a few clips of the cove in blood. At that moment I felt myself shaking. I was crying. I won’t survive the experience of actually watching the movie, but it didn’t take that much to turn me into an activist. The interview and the blood had done the trick. I donated to the Earth Island Institute right away and found out on SS’s website that they’re involved in the cause too.
Few things I’m passionate about: distance swimming, reading, translating/interpreting, and animals rights. As a disciple of Christ, I believe biblically that men are placed on this planet as stewards of all that roam the earth. The Lord has really, really blessed my work since we began tithing faithfully. True to His word in Malachi, Chap 3, vs 10: Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.
The Lord has also blessed me with a gift to translate from English into Chinese and the other way around. I work p/t for the mayor of Taipei as his English consultant. Besides that, I also freelance as a translator and interpreter. I’ve pledged to set aside a discreet portion of my pays from my translation projects to support activities to stop whaling/dolphin slaughters/bear bile harvesting/bear-baiting/shark-finning/seal-clubbing. My husband doesn’t really care about this, and isn’t aware of my donations. But that’s ok. He’s recently picked up my vegetarianism and enjoyed it.
Last month I began asking around my FB activist friends who’d go to Taiji; I wanted to help. I found Steven Severson and helped finance his trip a bit b/c I appreciated his candor about his past. My good friend David Bain noticed and asked me to be cautious. His concern was legit and I was glad for his advice. Anyways, Steven did a good job, though his trip was a tad short. From now on I’d be more careful. Then Bob Timmons came along. That’s why I asked you what you think of him. I’ll most likely not make the donation go directly to him, but do it via SS. The catch is, I’ve had problems with SS’s donation page. The site wouldn’t allow me to make one-time donations (I’m already a monthly donor). This prompted my international call to SS’s HQ a few weeks ago. I donated then and there, and am still having problems with the site. I’ll write Danielle again about that. The problem involves “Type of Gift” – here, you’re supposed to see two boxes, one says “one-time gift only”. The other says “recurring gift.” For some reason, all that’s shown on my site is “recurring gift.” If you know somebody who can fix that, please inform them of this little glitch.
I’m flying to D/FW next month and will donate via snail mail if the problems aren’t fixed by then.
Taiwan doesn’t have formal ties with Japan so there’re no embassies to call. And I keep thinking how wonderful it’d be if we can have a SS Taipei chapter here. 99.999% of the people of Taiwan aren’t aware of SS and the campaigns being held. They need to open their eyes. I’m showing part of “At the Edge of the World” in my Sunday school class in 2 weeks time after I open the class with a passage from Genesis on God’s commission to Adam to be a steward.
I also downloaded WWF’s gift catalog to be used for my teaching material on protecting endangered species. A fellow Sunday school teacher – a mom of 2 – saw the campaign message from SS I carried in my bag and asked about it. I told her what I knew and she was immediately hooked. She’s to come to my class too. I thot, there’s no embassy to call here in Taipei b/c Taiwan and Japan share no diplomatic ties, but I’m making a difference in my own way…
That brings me to my next question for you: Mandarin Chinese is my mother tongue. If you can think of ways to put it to great use for the cause, lemme know.
Again, it seems I’m rambling again…I’m at the point in my life where I feel fulfilled and happy. I wish to do more for the animals and I know I can. I’ve left a lot for you to read about. Lemme know what your thots are, anything. I don’t have a website so I’ll have to figure a way out to establish a SS Taipei chapter. But I’ll make sure it happens some time down the road.

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