William’s thoughts after the interview…

14 12 2010

Last Friday I got to share about my trip to Taiji in front of my entire elementary school. There were lot of teachers and parents to. There are more than 400 kids at school so I know this was a lot of people.

As you can see in this video (click here) I don’t’ really look scared but I was so scared on the inside. In a way I wasn’t because I really want to get the word out of what happens to the dolphins in Taiji. Some people in the audience, especially those in my grade knew of the dolphins and of my trip but many others didn’t, so this was a really good chance to tell more people. I was really nervous.

When I covered the microphone during the interview I had to ask my Principal if it was okay to talk more about the dolphins. I said to her, “I would really like to keep it about the dolphins because that is what my trip was all about”. She wanted me to talk about the cool sites in Tokyo because of the “graphic nature” of the cause. I am glad she let me share the truth.

With the help of my Mom the night before we focused on the important parts and I actually still have this in my head:

• The movie The Cove inspired me.

• A town called Taiji and what happens there.

• Dolphin hunts and why they do it: Two reasons 1) dolphins are sold to aquariums and 2) those not sold to aquariums are hurt very, very badly.

• To save the dolphins.

I was asked to not say slaughtered or killed because it can hurt other people’s feelings. I am really upset about that. America today is based on sweetness and kindness and no longer about freedom of speech and truth. But look at what’s happening in the world. Look at what happens in The Cove and people don’t accept what is happening – they just want me to smile all the time. They just don’t want to know. That’s not okay. The world needs to know the truth. When someone wants me to lie and be sweet, pleasant and wonderful it’s like they are telling me to lie. It doesn’t help the world understand the badness and it will just continue and continue. No one would know what is happening. I want to change that if I can.

What was really cool was when my Principal asked everyone who likes whales and dolphins. I think everyone raised their hand. That was really neat. My Mom thinks its a mission field for future activists. I think people are kind of inspired. A few people have said they would watch The Cove and a friend says he wants to be a cove guardian. I really want people to be inspired by The Cove, Ric O’Barry, Scott West and Paul Watson. They are heroes to me.

Is it okay if you could donate to the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian fund, to Save Japan Dolphins or to our blog so my Mom and I could go back next December 17 (2011)? We can’t wait to go back to Taiji. Thank you.

Thank you for reading this.

William DeBord




5 responses

14 12 2010
JoAnne King

Hi William,
I am so proud of you. It is easy to do things when you are not scared, But true courage is shown when you are scared and do it anyway. you did a great job. I wish you were my grand son. Best wishes to both you and your mom.

14 12 2010

Hey William! I’m so proud of you!!! You are such an inspiration and I’m really bummed that your principal wouldn’t let you speak the truth. I agree with you that that is an example of how this world is now, people sugar coat things to make them sound better when its something as horrible as this slaughter! Thank you for being so amazing and being a hero to a 20 year old! 🙂

– Rebecca

14 12 2010
Cindy Carroll


I am so proud of you. You are an inspiration to me. You did a great job with your blog and your speech in front of your fellow classmates. I would be nervous too but you have great support from your peers, teachers, and your principal. Keep up the great job you are doing. You have a great mother that loves you and a great example that I am glad you are following. Take care!!!! Swim fast, swim far, and swim deep dolphins!!!!! Swim dolphins swim!!!! Swim away from the cove!!!!
For the dolphins,
Cindy Carroll

14 12 2010

Beautiful Job William,To bad that didn’t let you speak more and in detail,but totally understand,It is way to graphic for little kids.Maybe you could tell your story to some college or even High school kids, then you can tell the whole story and inspire them to become a Sea Sheppard vol.just like you. When they hear if from a (kid) it has different and more powerful meaning..Keep up the great work spreading the word and plz keep blogging,looking forward to hearing more from you and your Mom..

6 04 2012

Just found your blog! Love it. Thanks for doing all you can for the Dolphins. We are all in this together. It’s worth the good fight. Keep up all your hard work.

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