Conversation with Shuya…

4 12 2010

~PANORAMA OF TAIJI HARBOR (left/right): Butcher House, Harbor, Captive Dolphin Pens, Funnel (just beyond red marker) further out – The Cove~

Once the near estimated 200 dolphins entered the funnel in Taiji today I wanted to talk to a person at the Embassy – no way would I be put into a voicemail box.

Amazingly enough the conversation was between me and Shuya Nakatsuka – the person who signed the letter to William. I did not indicate who I was, he did not ask for my name and I did not mention the letter. My purpose for this call was to seek information as to “why” they continue and urge the Japanese people to stop. Below are Shuya’s comments captured as best I could…

1) Many phone calls, letters, and faxes on the issue.

2) Understands this is an emotional issue.

3) Try to explain best I (he) can.

4) What is being done in Japan is limited, localized and there is a demand for dolphin meat in these remote areas. Shuya is from Tokyo and dolphin is not a wanted food item there. In some coastal areas dolphin is preferred.

5) Fishermen catching dolphin is their occupation. The demand and people who want dolphin for food provide the reason fishermen do that they do. The Japanese Government is “for” this activity to happen without jeopardizing the dolphin population.

6) In Japanese society this is not condemned.

7) Allow these resources to be used in a sustainable manner.

8 Minimal pain, minimal suffering in the animal’s death.

9) Shuya did not know the cost of a dead dolphin or the cost of a captive dolphin. I urged him to be educated on the matter and seek the information for himself.

10) Shuya wouldn’t touch the “captive” argument.

I posed the question to Shuya about Aquacultural fish farms as an alternative for acquiring fish vs. eating dolphin considering dolphin are mammals and not fish: Shuya believes “the opposition” would still have a problem. I told him I would seek the oppositions points of view whether that would be true. He indicates fish farming for certain species is a possibility, for others such as dolphin, no.

I posed the question if the Japanese people and government would consider a debate on the subject. Shuya was a little surprised by this question.

Don’t know if any of the above is helpful or not – just wanted to share in case it serves any purpose for the cause.

For the dolphins – may they swim forever free,
Carrie & William DeBord




4 responses

4 12 2010
Louise Mauter

Thanks Carrie. Any info is helpful!!! My husband and I would like to go in 2011. Can you help me try to estimate how much this would cost????

5 12 2010
Robin Woebbeking

Great Questions…..

If you ever talk to him again. Please ask him if he has ever “witnessed” the “Slaughter”.
I would really like to know that answer. Is he in Washington, D.C?

minimal pain and suffering has NOT happened. And either has, NOT to jeopardize the population.

I too would like to know the estimated cost to go to Taiji, (hotel, car rental)
I assume ALL Cove Guardians and Sea Shepherds stayed in the same hotel, right?

5 12 2010

Hi Carrie, I’m sorry but one thing really got to me in your conversations with Shuya,(well all of it did) and that is how can he say there was Minimal pain, minimal suffering, OMG is he just blind,You know he’s seen pics and videos in the past…I’m sorry just saw the video and pictures of todays slaughter and still trying to compose myself..

10 12 2010

I sent the link to the coverage of you swimming, to CNN news tips (Human Interest category). I called it “Courageous mom swims out to save the dolphins”.
We’ll see if they contact for more details.
You are one courageous woman!

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