Day 7 – Time for taking chances…Day 8 – It’s a Wrap…

29 11 2010

It’s 2:30am in Texas and I can’t sleep. Perhaps it has to do with re-living our experience in Taiji through nearly 2,000 pictures we downloaded and cleaned out today…perhaps it’s a combination of that and today’s awful death of estimated 50 dolphins. In both instances, I also realize I did not adequately communicate with you all our final days in Taiji…so, here we go…

Day 7 was an emotional whirlwind for both William and I. Our second slaughter would not go down without a stronger stand. Knowing in my mind that dolphins were being killed at that very moment less than a football field away from me was all that I could handle. I needed to do something and that something was to take a swim (see below clip). The swim would distract and upset the Fisherman (a.k.a. “killers”) – that was what I wanted I must confess. With William and Steven’s “go for it” support, I jumped in. And after reviewing the video footage Thomas obtained during those moments, it confirms the strong emotions which lead to such actions (Click Here: SSCS Cove Guardian Report). I have no regrets and would do it all over again if a purpose is served. Sadly, the swim didn’t save any dolphins that day but maybe, somewhere down the long and winding road it’s a seed that when ripe, will bear some fruit. We are all planting and watering seeds in this endeavor – may take time but it will end I am sure. Never give up!

Day 8, our final day as 2010 Cove Guardians was also a very emotional day. Two pods were being fervently hunted in the early morning hours. William and I were positioned at the cove where we rely on reports from whoever watches from Promontory Point. We hang on every “ping” of the walkie-talkies hoping for good news and when it’s not, we sit and wait for news of the pod’s escape or their entrance into the funnel. Time marched for nearly two-hours and all I could do was sit on that side walk and pray, pray and pray some more. I was quiet – I didn’t talk, just prayed. The Police arrived in droves and all I could think of was the pods were in the funnel and their presence was there to contain any unlawful or unwanted behavior. But behold, rays from the sun broke through the clouds and all I could do was think of God shining His light onto the water in order to blind the fisherman from being able to see the dolphins break surface. In time, we learned of two pods escaping and from Scott and Elora’s reports that oddly the fisherman just “lost” the dolphins practically right in front and behind them was wonderful news (click here). Is it odd or is it God is a phrase I like to contemplate in certain “miraculous” situations…I would like to believe this was one of them. I am ever so thankful that William and I could depart Taiji doing the “happy dance”. I will always do the happy dance when dolphins win over the hunters – but not until the very last boat reaches the entrance of the harbor (for Scott West)!

In the meantime, I will let the Japanese fisherman and government HAVE IT whenever a pod is being driven into the cove and I will LET THEM HAVE IT again when a family of dolphin are slain…I trust a few of you will too!

See you all from Taiji December 2011~

For the dolphins – may they swim forever free!
Carrie & William DeBord




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29 11 2010
29 11 2010

Agree also, Thank You again Carrie for all the updates and Thank William also,He is going to grow up having this experence and knowing that he to helped in changing the laws in Japan and the world of this Horrendous crime on our Oceans.

30 11 2010

Thanks guys.

30 11 2010
Julie Menkin

Thank you so much for what you and William have done for the dolphins, and thank you for reporting to the world as things “happened”.
Actions were taken immediately whenever needed (and still are) thanks to your updates all the time.
William is lucky having a mother like you!
My son had a school project about the dolphin hunting in Taiji last year (he is now 17!).
The class (and teacher) were shocked, sad and angry.
No one had ever heard about this before (and we live in Norway……a whaling country:((.
The children are our future, and William is a BIG part of it.
We have hope for the future, because without hope we don´t have anything, and hope is persons like you and William ❤
Love from Norway

30 11 2010
Lynn Wilbur

Hi William,
I live in Alaska and I have been following your blog and the Taiji Cove Guardians. I want to let you know that people here are very upset about the killings. We are hoping to put together a letter that will include members of the dolphin, porpoise, and whale houses to present to the Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage.
I read the letter that you received from Shuya Nakasutka. I want to let you know that I spoke personally with Mr. Nakasutka yesterday. When I was in graduate school, I developed a thesis about oil pollution in cook Inlet, Alaska, where beluga whales forage. There hasn’t been a beluga whale hunt in over ten years, and evidently there hasn’t been a beluga whale hunt in Western Alaska since 1999. I pointed out to Mr. Naksutka that in his letter to you he was citing information that was over ten years old. He seemed surprised at this, but personally I don’t think he was paying attention, which seems to be a pattern. He made the comment that he will retract this statement.
I have forwarded his letter with my comments to the Embassy of Japan in the U.S. and the Consular office in Anchorage, and I have referenced his letter in my remarks to the Japanese Prime Minister, the U.S. Department of State, and the United States Embassy in Japan.
Thank you and your mom so much for your brave work. We will stop this slaughter.
PS, I was able to read most of the letter well enough to make my comments, but I would like to show the letter to elder members of the clan houses. Would you be able to provide me with a better scan of the letter to the above email address? It would also help me to have a copy of the letter that you sent to Mr. Nakasutka. Thank you so much.

1 12 2010
Louise Mauter

Carrie & William,
Thank you for ALL that you did!!! You are 2 very wonderful people and just maybe God did hear your prayers on that day!!! Stranger things have happened. God bless you and where ever life takes you next. I will be calling and writing who ever will listen, even those who won’t!!!
For the Dolphins!!!!!

2 12 2010
Lynn Wilbur

Thank you for posting the letter!

5 12 2010
Kim Nakajima

Thank you again. Heroes

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