Heart of gratitude…

25 11 2010

As William and me wake to our last morning serving as 2010 Cove Guardians we want to thank Scott, Elora and all the other Guardians we met while here; Libby, Tarah, Big Guns, Thomas, Steven, Yumiko, Takashi, and John. It’s been an amazing experience to serve alongside all of you. What inspiration you all are! And Scott…you are an amazing leader and I have learned so much from you…thank you!!! Our shared passion for the dolphins and speaking on their behalf runs deep and focused. Its our hope to see your faces once again – hopefully when we celebrate the end of the annual Taiji dolphin slaughter hunt.

And to anyone else considering being a Cove Guardian – do it! Raise money to get here if you need to…it is well worth the time and treasury.

I hope today is a day of freedom for the dolphins!

Swim far, swim fast, swim deep,
Carrie & William DeBord




4 responses

25 11 2010

Until we meet again!

26 11 2010

Thank you Carrie and William for keeping this blog,you have done an amazing job as guardians…Hope you had a safe trip home

26 11 2010
Kim Nakajima

Thank you Heroes

27 11 2010

Thank you!! I’ve mentioned you both in my blog today! 🙂

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