Day 7: Cove Guardian Report by William and Carrie…

25 11 2010

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First, we want to thank so many of you, and most of whom we have never met for the AMAZING, truly AMAZING support over the last few days! It’s been a treasure to both William and me to read your emails, Facebook and blog messages. It has fueled us this past week. I promise to reply as soon as we can…it’s been a little crazy…thank you so very much!

Okay – on to our news of the day, sad news unfortunately. We weren’t at our posts very long this morning before Scott and Elora radioed to us the fishermen were in drive formation. We all sighed and knew the drill. We rallied to our positions.

William and I placed ourselves at “The Wall”. It’s in direct sight of the funnel and entrance into the cove – a wide angle view of the final drive. Very sad spot really…it’s the long good-bye watching these beautiful animals swim, arch and breath over a long stretch between Promontory Point and the killing cove. I can’t help but wonder if they, the dolphins know what is about to happen to them. Being such intelligent creatures I am most sure they do. They visibly resist and fight going into this “bloody” place. They have to sense it – I do. It wasn’t long – an estimated 5 Risso dolphins were horrifically treated before they were killed (very graphic footage will be sent under separate cover).

William wanted to take over the laptop on this next piece…

My Mom jumping into the cove while the dolphins were being slaughtered was pretty cool. My Mom took off her shoes, her Sea Shepherd shirt, jumped on rocks and then into the water. The Police didn’t notice till she was half way to the buoys. They ran over and got their megaphone asking me what her name is. I didn’t want to lie so I told them her name is Carrie. I think they didn’t know she was my Mom. And when she got to the buoys they were really mad and nervous. Towel guy was sweating. Everyone was calling more Police, more back-up Coast Guard. It was a swarm of Police. And people were still talking on the phone, maybe with the Japanese government or something. The fisherman in the skiff came over to my Mom putting up English signs but I could not tell what it said. I could hear the fisherman and my Mom talking but I didn’t know what they were saying. My Mom was always crossing her arms which means “no” in Japanese without using words. The guy in the skiff went over the buoys to talk to the Police, he was mad and so was the fisherman driving the banger. I thought the skiff guy was going to really hurt my Mom. I couldn’t understand what all these people were saying because they were talking in Japanese. I was worried if she would be okay because they might arrest my Mom. I tried to remember the Embassy phone number. When she finally swam back to shore the Police were all over her. They pressured her to obey the “rules”. Then when my Mom said she would obey the law but not necessarily the rule, they got really mad. Scott arrived and I asked if my Mom would be okay and he said yes. I was proud of my Mom and I think she did a good job.

The actions of these fishermen are pure evil and it should not be tolerated.

And oh, in case you were wondering…I had on another shirt (Save Japan Dolphins t-shirt under my Sea Shepherd t-shirt (William indicated I took my shirt off…wanted to clarify this important point without changing his words :-).

One more task I, Carrie was hoping to accomplish while here was to make a stop at the Taiji Mayor’s office. So, Thomas, William and I visited there to personally deliver a hand-written letter requesting they stop killing dolphins (written in Japanese). We were not welcomed for obvious reasons but I pursued anyway leaving my letter regardless of it being pushed back towards me (even when being kind and courteous they resist, at least those in Taiji). Mission accomplished.

We continued onwards and stopped at the Dolphin Base, a resort with dolphin shows and swim with dolphin programs. The pens are about the size of a single and two-car garage. One pen had two dolphins and the other five pens had four dolphins in each. We saw young dolphins in one pen. Very sad to live in such cramped quarters. These dolphins will probably not survive more than three or so years in such conditions – or they will be slaughtered when their performance career doesn’t pass the Directors cut.

Tomorrow is Friday in Taiji and William and I will take on our last day of this journey as Cove Guardians. We will be back next season and every season after until the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji is no more. Anyone with us??

Now, I must sleep – we will report from Tokyo tomorrow night.

Thank you all and please continue to fight from the front lines…and get to Taiji and serve as a cove guardian if you possibly can – it will change your life!

For the dolphins – may they swim forever free,
Carrie & William DeBord




12 responses

25 11 2010

Big hugs you two:-)

25 11 2010

Carrie and William~
I just wanted to let you now that the two of you are simply amazing. I hope you know just how much you mean to those of us who can not be in Taiji. You have represented us well. Thank you so much for all that the two of you have done! Hugs!

25 11 2010
denise edgar

lots of people with you big hugs I am in aw of you r great work thank you all for taking the time out of your lives and sharing all of this with us.The face book friends Denise

25 11 2010

You are a very brave woman! Wow! I am already making plans for next year as well! Love your blog posts! You and William be safe today and have a safe journey home. Today I am thankful for people like you both, walking the talk and getting involved!

25 11 2010
Ashley S.

Thank you both, Carrie and William. I love reading your blogs. They are very detailed. Carrie, you have an amazing, brave son. And William, you’re Mom is awesome! Thank you for taking a stand against these sadistic murderers and making your presense known. It’s a beautiful thing to break their “rules” and show all the love and respect you have for dolphins in their final moments. You guys will be missed. Thank you again. Have a safe trip home 🙂

25 11 2010
Louise Mauter

I am so very, very proud of you!!! Thanks for taking that swim!!! They cannot ignore you!!! You and your son, Happy Thanksgiving, you will be in my prayers again today! And yes, I and the Dolphins are thankful for you two!!!!

25 11 2010
Big Gunns

Hey little buddy. It looks like you guys have doing a great job while you were there. Tell your mom she did something I wanted to do, but just never did. I’m glad she didn’t get arrested. Hopefully you’ll keep up the good work when you return. Call the local newspaper and see if they want to do a story. The more people that hear what’s going on the better.

Big Gunns

26 11 2010
Robin Woebbeking

I am so proud of you Carrie! You are an amazing women! I wish I could have been there with you in Taiji. I would have swam with you to help save the dolphins. I just cried, when I watched your video with the two dolphins at the Whale museum. I am very passionate about this cause. And had only found out about this barbaric behavior from the movie “The Cove” that Animal Planet aired earlier this year. I organized a protest in Detroit, Michigan for the “2010 International Day of Protest”. I spread the word and call the Consulate everyday about the dolphin slaughter/captivity.
I am hoping someday soon to be able to be a Cove Guardian!

26 11 2010

Carrie, THAT was awesome what you did and very brave for those Dolphins!!! What a great thing!


26 11 2010
Kim Nakajima

Very Brave!! Both of you!
Heroes. Thank you for coming to Japan.

26 11 2010

The Japanese are taking what does not belong to them, they have no right. I have nothing but admiration for the courage you and your family show in working to stop this, you are heros

27 11 2010

Thank you for your heroic efforts and for sharing your story! I admire you both!

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