Day 6

24 11 2010

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November 24 marks our first Taiji dolphin slaughter. Four Risso dolphins lost their life after nearly a 4 hour battle against the fisherman. These courageous dolphins battled 12 high powered fishing boats navigated by 28 men. When the dolphins and the boats appeared to be entering the killing cove, the dolphins tried to escape. The dolphins did not go down easy but sadly, they lost the battle.

Seeing this event unfold was like witnessing a well organized battle brigade. It was obvious these fishermen and the city are prepared, organized and ready for those of us who don’t take lightly their actions. By the time it was clear the dolphins would not get away the city went into gear – the coast guard and police arrived at the cove and were in place before any of the other strategically placed guardians moved into cove guardian positions. Upon arrival, our pictures were taken, our Passports were copied and warnings delivered – we were not to interfere or cause any trouble in “business activities”. William was hounded by a Fisherman who pushed this Mama Bear into protect mode by getting inches from William’s face…ticked me off…but William did great and just took many pictures of this… person. Scott West was confronted when placing a sound device in the water to record the dolphins during the execution. The Police were ensuring the device was not intended to drive the dolphin the opposite direction. Sad isn’t it when the coast guard and police are more concerned for killing life rather than protecting life. Each 20-25 feet the dolphins swam closer to the killing cove, pushed by banger boats and skiffs a net closed in behind them. It was painful to watch them breach, breath knowing they were about to expire at the hand of man. Once beyond the final piece rock it was clear they would be beached then murdered. The last image I saw of them was being dragged by their tails alongside a banger boat. These precious creatures are no more.

The banger boat moved the dolphins into the butcher house, closed the doors and then the fisherman and gutters ate lunch, smoked cigarettes and appeared to enjoy themselves. I couldn’t let them enjoy themselves too much…I had to go visit the butcher house and “FU” building (Fisherman’s Union). They were not happy to see us but I really didn’t care. William stayed with Scott and Steven for safety sake. Elora, Thomas and I took lots of pictures and I got to see Private Space for the first time face to face. He is much calmer these days than during his cameo in the movie The Cove. They put up a yellow rope urging us to go away and after a while they just got in their little white pick-up’s and drive off. I guess they really don’t like our presence – oh well. Sin is sin, evil is evil and my faith prompts me to be a light in the darkness. This place is full of darkness.

To close our first slaughter day; William, Thomas and Steven swam in the cove. Odd to watch knowing what happens there (I had to film and ensure no one came to harass or cart them off to the Police station). So many thousands of dolphins killed here. We hope that soon this terrible slaughter will end. The pressure is clearly on these people – it’s all over their faces. It will end. I am confident of that. May take time, but this will be history.

For the dolphins – may they swim forever free,
Carrie DeBord




7 responses

24 11 2010
Nina Budini

Thank you so much for being there and for giving us hope that one day this terrible tragedy will end *

24 11 2010
Mike Lorden

Thank you for being a light!

24 11 2010

Thank you Carrie & William for being there to share with the world this horrible act upon Dolphins…
How did William do yesterday seeing his first slaughter since in Taiji?
My son & I are planning a trip there next year, I have him reading your blog daily so he can read what William is seeing and how he feels about what is going on there.
I hope & pray that today is a better day for you and the Dolphins…
Swim Fast…Swim Deep…Swim Far away from Taiji
Hugs to you and William

24 11 2010
Lisa Lorden

Hi Carrie,
Your eyewitness account is heroic and important. The world is watching. I can’t wrap my mind around how these men spend their time on Earth terrifying and killing dolphins. Please be careful around these depraved people.
Your light is shining strong across the oceans!

24 11 2010

Very powerful! I sincerely hope it does end soon! God Bless you and William.

24 11 2010

so sad you had to witness this mindless slaughter,i have been involved with BDMLR(british divers marine life rescue)for the last 12 years doing are best to help these poor critters and to see them being murdered like this is heart breaking!lets hope all this evidence you cove guardians are recording will bring an end to this horror!!!
many thanks

25 11 2010

Was that man(fisherman) taking pictures of William? Shame on him,Thought they don’t allow pictures of Japanese children why should they be allowed to take pictures of American children.Thank God for Mama Bear,Anyway Thank You for the daily updates,So sorry any of you have to witness this,but It WILL Stop. God Bless you guys and the Rest of the Cove Guardians.May they swin Far Fast and Deep

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