Forgiveness and Freedom…

23 11 2010

William asked for a time out tonight from writing so I, Carrie get to assume the thought to keyboard task at hand…

Today we witnessed our first dolphin hunt drive. The energy around watching these skilled mariners hunt their prey haunted me as I watched it unfold…such a back-n-forth, start-n-stop series of events. The anticipation level is daunting at best. I longed for and prayed with William that God would literally hold the dolphins in His hands and carry them away from the fisherman – and again, our prayers were answered, the dolphins escaped. There are no words that describe the feeling of knowing a family of dolphin were able to get away and are safe, still in the ocean doing what they were created to be and do – being dolphins. However…

I can’t get out of my head yesterday’s experience at the Taiji Whale Museum. NEVER will I EVER forget the one dolphin looking right into my eyes as I begged for his/her forgiveness and watching another come right alongside – both in my presence and me in theirs (click here for video clip by Steven Severson). There was an INCREDIBLE experience that will be with me till I die. It was as though they were consoling me rather than me consoling them. I must say, I was a train wreck of emotion and now as I recall the experience, I am deeply saddened by the fact that these two incredible creatures will live out their life as slaves to people who want money so they, the people, can selfishly enjoy themselves. The dolphin’s life is shortened considerably by their unfortunate new reality and their home is about the size of a two-car garage or smaller. To survive, they have no choice but to perform for their food. I have to say, I hate it. I desperately want to help them. The captivity trade is awful – I now have seen it with my own eyes and its reality has pierced my heart as hard and heavy as the love I have for my son. These two dolphins have been RIPPED from their family and their freedom. As an American citizen who knows how precious and sacred freedom is, this is something that can’t be taken lightly. I will fight for these animals – they deserve it.

The captivity aspect of this issue seems to bother me more than the slaughter. Let me quickly say, both are beyond comprehension. I have not witnessed a slaughter since we arrived and sure hope the now 5-day trend continues.

We now anticipate another day of duty at the cove and pray for tomorrow’s outcome.

For the dolphins – may they swim forever free,
Carrie DeBord




7 responses

23 11 2010

Thanks Carrie and William for your bravery in visiting the Whale Museum. That video speaks volumes. I hope Steven will post it on YouTube or Vimeo so others can share it across the internet. Those intelligent and lovely Dolphins were actually talking with you Carrie. Wish we humans were smart enough ourselves to understand what they are telling us. I am sure they would teach us that we must love and care for the oceans and all it’s amazing inhabitants.

23 11 2010
Holise E Cleveland III

“It is worth remembering that the time of greatest gain in terms of wisdom and inner strength is often that of greatest difficulty.” – Dalai Lama

23 11 2010
Lisa Lorden

Dear Carrie,
As a mother, I am deeply touched by your words. As an individual working against whale captivity for over two decades, I am grateful for your courage to go to the cove and the Taiji museum of horror and show the world. All of earth’s creatures deserve freedom, the most basic element of life. To witness freedom and family so cruelly and callously ripped from these innocent and wondrous dolphins and sentenced to a life of misery must be unbearable.
Hugs, thanks and blessings, Carrie, for your and William’s courageous hearts and determination to end this needless suffering and exploitation.
Take care,

23 11 2010
Louise Mauter

Dear Carrie,
I am a mother of a 6 year old son. Everyday, he will ask me ” how many Dolphins died today, and how many were taken into captivity?”. I am trying to raise him to care about our planet and everything that shares it with us. I think it is amazing that you have allowed your son to see first hand what is happening in Taiji. Our children are our future, and it is so very important to teach them the truth of what is happening. Education is the key, the more that people are aware, the harder it will be for the Dolphin slaughter/captivity industry to continue. I have a neighbor that told me that her daughter loves Dolphins. She said that she wants to go to Sea World or Swim with them on a vacation. I told her to teach her daughter about how they are forced to perform for food, how they live such a horrible life, how their life is shortened because captivity is no place for a Dolphin. I told her to show her how Dolphins are taken away from their families, friends, mothers, and children. How they are forced into captivity. I told her about how the others are then slaughtered. She said that there is no way she could tell her daughter that!!!!!! I said all your doing is telling her the truth, and wouldn’t she want to know if she loves Dolphins!!! The truth isn’t what you see at Sea World!!! They don’t want to swim with us, they want to swim with each other, in the oceans, free. My neighbor has not talked to me since. Ignorance is bliss!!!!!! By the way, her daughter is 10!!!!
For the Dolphins!

24 11 2010

Hi guys!

I am sooo happy u guys are there! Finally I am reading about someone praying to our lord Jesus to take his mighty hands & free the dolphins! Jesus said where any two or more people are gathered my name that I am there also and I believe your presence of you & your son in prayer is releasing into action the holy spirits miraculous works!

I am dying to be there with you guys but this recession has me so financially burdened I’m trying my hardest to just keep my lights on. BUT I pray everyday…praying in the spirit that the blood of Jesus would cover the dolphins and protect them, I pray that God keeps a legion of thousands upon thousands of Angels there at the cove to protect every single dolphins life. I pray that God binds Satan and all of his workers from even so much as touching one fin of one of these beautiful creatures! Together in Christ and through the power of prayer through faith in God and faith in him answering our prayers (mark 11:23) that we can win this battle!! That we can do things thru God not even humanly possible!

I will keep praying everyday for the dolphins and you guys! I just cannot tell u how happy I am that some Christians are there fighting through prayer! Please don’t stop! & lay hands on any dolphin you can if even from a far and ask the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts & minds & heal them from the torment & pain.

5 days of no hurt dolphins is no coincidence we have set God in motion through faith & we must continue to fight with faith & everyday your there at the cove please pray against Satan & rebuke him away from the cove in the name of Jesus! The devil and devils must obey God and will absolutely without a doubt have to flee in his presence!! So keep fighting my fellow prayer warriors! Let’s show the whole world that this fight will be victorious for the dolphins with the Glory to God! God loves the opportunity to show the world what faith can do so let’s stay connected all of us through prayer & through the Holy spirit! From CAlifornia to Japan gods spirit is with us & fighting the evil wicked forces of Satan & his evil doers in the cove! Amen!

Thank you Guys! & God Bless Your Hearts!


24 11 2010

Dear Carrie and Will,

You both are so amazing! I pray that you two will have the strength to endure what will and has gone on at the Cove. William, you are an inspiration to me and I’m twenty years old! I will be doing a speech for my communications class on December 6th on the Cove and cannot wait! I hope you check out my blog as well and thank you for all you are doing for those who can’t make the trip!

Love and much prayer to you,


24 11 2010

Oh Carrie,I just can’t imagine the heartache you went thru talking to those dolphins,and how them seemed to comfort you to back,(I to cried) This video speaks for itself.Thank you Carrie and William for being at the Cove and protecting our oceans and these beautiful creatures.

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