22 11 2010

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Today the fisherman didn’t go out because of bad weather – day 4 with no dolphin killing. The weather is supposed to be bad tomorrow so we’re hopeful the dolphins out in the ocean stay in the ocean.

We went to the Taiji Whale Museum with a few other cove guardians; Steven who arrived today, Thomas and Yumiko and Takashi from Tokyo. Elora chose not to go so she waited in the car. We saw shark fin soup, Risso dolphin meat (with the skin still on) and a lot of whale meat, frozen and non-frozen right when you walk into the building. On the first floor after the food area we saw a miniature landscape with Promontory Point, the cove and guess what else it had…a dead whale and another whale being harpooned. This place celebrates the killing of these beautiful animals by humans. Man is honored for killing them, overtaking them in the hunt. This is sick. There were whale skeletons hanging on the whale and one with real whale skin.

On the second floor there were fetuses of Risso dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Orcas, Blue whales and Humpback whales. There was a head of a bottlenose dolphin completely cut off in a round glass jar. There was whale tongue, a whale eye chunk, whale heart, whale teeth. The worst part to me inside the museum is the many whale and dolphin fetuses in big glass jars, lots of them. They had baby bottlenose dolphin fetuses beginning at 2 months gestation all the way to near birth. This was the saddest part from inside the museum.

On the third floor was all about the harpoons, ships they used for hunting, the men and women who were celebrities doing this and the different stages of the harpoon changed over time:
1st stage) metal arrow attached to stick pole
2nd stage) gun that shot the harpoon
3rd stage) three harpoons launched from a gun
4th stage) actual harpoon launcher which when shot into the whale opens up three prongs that expand inside the whale causing massive pain and injury
5th stage) exploding shock harpoon – easy to fire, metal, attached to ship.

I know why I don’t ever want to eat any kind of meat again, especially after seeing all this.

Now on to the outside part of the whale museum…

When we went to the outside I saw dolphins in the smallest dolphinarium I have ever seen. The dolphins were squeaking and talking. Three compartments, two dolphins in one, three in the other and a single dolphin alone. My Mom was crying terribly and I don’t blame her. We now know where these dolphins come from – not even a football field away thousands of dolphins are driven into the cove, most are killed and the others are brought here or shipped to some faraway place to live in a concrete tank. This is more than terrible and I hope no-one will ever go to a dolphin or whale show ever again. These animals do not deserve this. Two dolphins came up to my Mom. I was kind of jealous. They knew she was sad and I think they can tell human emotion. I know they feel sad – the two dolphins stayed with my Mom for a long time, rolled on their side even. They were talking to each other. It was sad but it was special. My Mom promised she would never give up trying to help them. Their entire family was killed and now they live in a small concrete jail. My Mom was crying so hard and kept saying she was so sorry for what has happened to them. I have not seen my Mom that sad and upset since we got to Taiji. I want to live here to change things and so does my Mom if we can get our pets back home to Japan. I saw spinner dolphins. They were jumping, squeaking. I stuck my hand out and they came right up to me and even nibbled on my finger. I was going out of bounds but I wanted so bad to connect with them, and I did. My Mom wonders how any of these wonderful dolphins and pilot whales could EVER trust a human after what they have been through. Gosh, their entire family has been torn away from them – killed right in front of them. The same humans who killed their family are the same group of people who feed them to do tricks for human entertainment. I know I am just a kid but this is wrong. I think Taiji is the “broker” (as my Mom calls it) for most of the captive dolphin trade industry.

We went towards the trainers. My Mom’s goal before getting to the museum was to ask the trainers what happened to the 9 babies brought to the museum after last week’s slaughter. They said they didn’t know. Then they began to run away. My Mom was mad. They completely lied. The 9 babies were brought to the whale museum last week. We think the 9 babies were killed or slaughtered. I don’t think we will ever know. These trainers will never tell the truth and I doubt the fisherman will ever tell the truth.

Please do whatever you can to help the dolphins.

Thank you for reading again.

Over and out,
William DeBord




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22 11 2010
Kim Nakajima

Thank you for being there in Taiji and telling the world. Even though I never want to visit a museum like that it was very interesting to read about what exactly they have in the museum.
So sad and shocking to hear about the babies.
Be strong and take care

22 11 2010

William, you and your Mom are doing a great job of reporting from Taiji and the Cove. Keep up the good work! Your photos and reports are helping to spread the word about those few Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunt Fishermen and Dolphin trainers around the internet/world. Perhaps one day they will gain the wisdom and understanding that you William, such a young person, already have and end their cruel and inhumane hunting and capture activities. “Out of the mouths of babes…” wise words.

22 11 2010

Thank you. Your words are being shared.

22 11 2010

Thank you for this.. Thank you…

22 11 2010

Unbelievable! Your pictures speak volumes! Wow! I am just speechless, unbelievable, even good days with no kills at The Cove have proven to be just heart breaking!

22 11 2010
Cindy carroll

Thank you for reporting what is going and trying to find out about the babies. Reading this brought tears because I know they are dead. Thank you so much.

For the dolphins,
Cindy carroll

22 11 2010


Hi William,

I have been following your blog since you and your mom arrived in Japan.

Todays posting has me in tears at my desk. This is so horrifying. I don’t know how your mom kept so strong today at the museum.

In March, my husband and I are coming to Taiji to be cove guardians. That is how I came upon your blog. It very interesting watching your journey with you mom.
Maybe one day we will cross paths in our efforts to save our beautiful,yet helpless friends of the sea.

Great job! Keep up the great work!


22 11 2010
Patricia Pyne

Dear William, hi my name is Patricia Pyne . I was a cove guardian back in oct. I was touched by your blog , it brought tears to my eyes . You are very brave to be in Taiji and i will be looking for your daily updates .. stay strong ..For the Oceans, Patricia

22 11 2010


btw, im sure the dolphinsfelt your moms emotions, they they kno ur moms intentions. they’re really empathic and are as smart as humans or more. they know whats going on, and they need the humans that have a heart to help. (:

23 11 2010
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23 11 2010

Hi William,
You are so very good with your details. Never ever do I want to set foot in a museum like that! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone what you are seeing and learning there. You’re heart is brave.

23 11 2010
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23 11 2010

I was giving up defending the dolphins of Taiji-cho, because Japanese law does not condemn these criminals, seeing these pictures and your blog, I renewed my strength!!

23 11 2010
Rheilyn Maranan

William, I have read your blogs and this one in particular brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad you are aware of what is going on in Taiji. I have shared the evil truth about Taiji to my oldest son who is four years old, and I will share it with my youngest son (9 mos. old) when he gets older. We will all continue to fight for these animals and bring awareness to others until ALL dolphins are safe from human predators who kill and enslave these beautiful creatures.

BTW, my son thinks you are awesome. He want to save the dolphins just like you. =)

24 11 2010
Yumiko Nakamura

Dear Carie and William, thank you for informing us the days of Taiji! I should have asked and taken care of you and William more during my stay in Taiji, but I am not good at speaking English, sorry. I am so sorry for today’s 4dolphins slaughter..I am so shocked, too. I am worried about you and William because it was the first time for you to see that.. I am sorry we couldn’t stay with you longer..I really wanted to stay with you over there more! You will go back to America tomorrow? I do wish I could go to meet you again! I should ask you “Are you alright?, not just” ok?” at the museum. I shouldn’t have given you the mechanical pencil made in Japan. Now I know you hate goods made in Japan(me,too!) I wanted to talk with you and William more! Now I must learn English much harder in order to talk with you more when I see you again. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if there is anything we can do for you. You are always welcomed to my house, don’t forget it! I am so happy if I could see you soon again! I shall never forget those captured dolphins in the pool, never ! It was my first time I could feel their saddness and they tried to listen to us, though they have to live as prisoners(captured) until they die. I swear I will do anything I can for saving all of them. We human don’t have the right to chase them, catch them, tear apart from their family, and break their all lives. Please take care on your long trip and say thank you so much to William. I miss you so much! Yumiko Nakamura

24 11 2010

Hello, I am following this blog every day, but I’m glad to see that a couple of Japanese are showing that they have hearts and feelings. I’ve talked with several Japanese, but all say the same thing: “Dolphins and Whales are animals like any other game animal.” I am very happy to see attitudes I just see it now. I live in Japan and I will definitely dedicate my time protect dolphins and pilot whales in Taiji-cho. a big hug to everyone.

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