Day 3 – Cove Guardian Report by William…

21 11 2010

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Today was another great day in Taiji, no dolphins were killed. My Mom and I pray each day that God would be a hedge a protection around them and keep them away from the fishermen. I went down to the rocks to explore again. It’s really a rocky shore where I can see and hear the fisherman’s orders as they come into port. I was able to take some really good pictures.

We observed a man who looked official climbing around rocks that we had been exploring yesterday and the day before. He appeared to be looking for something. We assume it was someone trying to figure out if we had planted anything secret to keep away the dolphins. The good news is, our hands are clean. This person would not talk with us. He just went about doing whatever he came to do. The last we saw him he went down a dirt path. Don’t know what he was up to but it looked fishy. Get it?

My Mom and I went to Glenda’s mountain and saw the inside of the killing cove for the first time. It was hard to see but we pushed hard enough against the ropes to get a picture. They really do a lot to make it difficult now. We saw the blue tarps which they roll out to cover their blood trail when the slaughters are happening. This is to block people from being able to see the fisherman killing the dolphins. They put up signs that warn people of falling rocks. I don’t think that is really what they are talking about. There is another cliff on the other side with absolutely no warning signs. What do you think?

Two Japanese people from Tokyo came tonight and we all had dinner together. They are very nice and will be with us tomorrow at the cove. They visited the Taiji Whale Museum today and showed pictures and video of the dolphins and whale carcasses. They had baby whale and dolphin fetus in glass jars on display. It was disturbing how a whale museum is showing that. It looked like they ripped it out of the Mothers stomach and we suppose it’s from one of the many dolphins killed in the cove. From the video are live performances of dolphins and I am sure they are survivors of the slaughters from Taiji. The captivity trade is driving the slaughter of dolphins. This is proof.

Please visit Sea Shepherd’s website and you might see a picture I took from the fisherman coming back into port today (click here).

Once again, this is William DeBord signing out.




9 responses

21 11 2010

Thanks William. Once again you deliver a very powerful blog update! You are an amazing young man and I applaud you and you mom for your dedication to the cause. God Bless you both!

22 11 2010
Carrie & William

Oh thank you, Sheri! Can’t wait to meet you next summer and help you any way we can while you prepare for your cove guardian duty. It is a remarkable experience. Moving and confusing. Change will come with compassion and consistent presence/pressure. William is out with Scott and John and I will be sure to share your note. All the best, Carrie

21 11 2010
Kristina and Megan

Good job William! Were so proud of you, your Mom & all of the others helping with the cause!!!

22 11 2010
Carrie & William

Thank you, Kristina and Megan for your notes of encouragement! We look forward to seeing you two and precious Matthew at swimming! All the best, Carrie & William

21 11 2010

Hi William,
So glad to hear more good news! Love seeing your pictures too. Love and prayers to you and your mom… S & S

22 11 2010

Hi Carrie and William,

I’m so glad for another successful day of no dolphin deaths, and it looks like good weather as well!

Thanks for the updates. You have our love, prayers, thoughts, and support.

Much love,

22 11 2010
Carrie & William

Hi Scott,

Another day, our fourth of no dolphin killing. The Lord is hearing our prayers and answering. We are grateful. We love you and Sharon a TON and appreciate your love, prayers, thoughts and support!

Looking forward to talking together when we get back to the states.

Hugs and kisses,
Carrie & William

23 11 2010
Tonjia and Brandan

Glad to hear there was a great day for you both and hope you all are doing well. Stay safe and try to enjoy your visit some as well. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks to your efforts the dolphins have a lot to be thankful for:)
Tonjia and Bman

25 11 2010
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