Day 2 – Cove Guardian Report by William

20 11 2010

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Got a great sleep last night but not before getting a chance to talk to a reporter from the Japanese Times. He asked me many questions and thought it was amazing that a 10-year-old would come to Japan, get out of school for it and want to watch the movie “The Cove”. His 11-year-old brother is more interested in Avatar and movies like that. We saw Yuri at the cove after all the fisherman came back into port today and he said he would email me to ask more questions. He said this is a big story in Japan. This is really good.

It was our second day in Taiji and another day with no dolphins being killed at the cove. The cove guardians did the happy dance and celebrated by having curry vegetable lunches in Shingu. It was really fun, especially playing the drum game with Elora. I have to say though; this is a lot of work being a cove guardian.

A movie crew also came in today. They asked Scott West a lot of question which took a while. They also asked me what’s happening and what’s going on. I told them how the Japanese fisherman do things and at certain points where you can see their activities. As Big Guns and I hiked down the cliffs I heard the fisherman talking Japanese over their radios to each other as they passed us from Promontory Point. Afterwards, Scott took my Mom and me to “The Wall”, a location just past Promontory Point where the fishermen drive the dolphin into the cove. Sadly, how the ground under the water is laid out makes a funnel which makes it easier for the fisherman to herd the dolphin into the cove, and by the time the dolphin reach this point they are really tired.

Big Guns had to leave today and since he was such a fun guy I will miss him. He really likes to take adventures around the point and the cove and I do to. More people arrived from Columbia and Australia but they couldn’t stay more than a day. We are sad they all had to leave but hope they can return soon. Steven from Wisconsin is on his way to Taiji and he wants to swim with me in the cove. That will be an adventure. My Mom really wants to cross the barriers but Scott advises her not to do that. Tomorrow we’ll be stationed at the cove and explore Glenda’s mountain. It’s high atop the mountain above the killing cove.

My Mom and I had a long conversation about the definition of evil because she was confronted about using that term to describe the fisherman or what the fisherman do here in Taiji. Here is was we found in the dictionary, it seems to sound right to me but I’m just a kid.

Definition of EVIL
1 a : morally reprehensible : SINFUL, WICKED b : arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct.
2 a archaic : INFERIOR b : causing discomfort or repulsion : OFFENSIVE c : DISAGREEABLE.
3 a : causing harm : PERNICIOUS.

Thanks for reading once again and hope you have a good day. Bye.

William DeBord




17 responses

20 11 2010

My name is Nori , just wanted to let you know that there are so many of us,all around the world watching and read your blogs,and you are making us proud!! you are our young ambassador, thankyou for doing this, you are touching hearts and its all for our dolphins…
love and gratitude xxx

20 11 2010
Mark B

Great Blog William,

Thank you for being a champion for the dolphins

Mark Bamberry

20 11 2010
karen page

Excellent blog William! The fact that you are so young and totally understanding the cruelty and how wrong this is, could get the publicity that this cause needs so much. Keep us informed. Well done again

20 11 2010
Norbert Kochhan

Great work of all cove guardians!

The world looks with interest at Taiji and looks forward to each day on which our friends are not alone.

Our support to you is for sure!

Norbert Kochhan

20 11 2010

William you are wise beyond your years! Keep up the great work your doing! We will do our part and write and call the embassies. I think your right on with EVIL! Stay Safe! We are with you in spirit!

20 11 2010
Kristina and Megan

William! We are so proud of you and your mom! Not only do you talk the talk but, you walk the walk! You are a true inspiration to us all. We think you are a wonderful person and are so blessed to have you and your mom in our lives. Keep fighting the good fight. May God Bless you both on your journey. Swim hard, swim fast, swim deep!

Blessings, Kristina and Megan Murto

20 11 2010
Karen Hanegan

A very good posting, William; there are so many people all over the world who will be following your blog, supporting you, and everyone else who is able to do what you are doing in Taiji. Thank you for taking on such a big job at such a young age! I know you are going to see some pretty awful things, but as long as there are people like you and your parents to bear witness to them it will help very much to stop it.

I bless you, and everyone else there, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

22 11 2010
Carrie & William

Hi Karen – I will be sure to share your email with William. He is out with Scott right now running errands. I really appreciate your email and such kind words of encouragement. We’re committed to doing whatever we can to make a difference. Thank you so much. All the best, Carrie

20 11 2010
Karel Austin

Thanks William. I found a link about this on Facebook and was enlightened to read it. What a great embassador you are. You inspire so many others.

20 11 2010
Kim Nakajima

Thank you so much for being here in Japan. I wish it was for a more pleasant reason, but you and the other cove guardians are heroes. Peace

22 11 2010
Carrie & William

Hi Kim – thank you for your kind email. And peace to you! The tide is changing and with continued compassion and pressure this will be history one day. Thank you again for reaching out. All the best, Carrie

20 11 2010

Hey William, we’ll swim soon!!! I’m on my way! 🙂

20 11 2010
Louise Mauter

Looks like you got the definition down pat and I think that describes the fisherman PERFECTLY!!! They are EVIL!!! Good work, I don’t care how young you are!! Keep writing!!

21 11 2010

Hi William,

Doing the happy dance with you — so glad to hear it was another good day. I shared about you as an example of a global citizen in my comprehensive exams today. My colleagues were moved.

21 11 2010
Carrie & William

Thank you Sharon for the nice comment. I appreciate it. And have a good time and I hope you get your PHD. Thank you. William

21 11 2010

Welcome to Japan
Welcome to the Cove
Welcome to the world of activism

Please help us figure out ways to help good people who do bad things to change their ways.
Steven in Osaka

22 11 2010
Carrie & William

Hi Steven – wish we could meet you while we are here. William and I are really talking about what it would be like to be full time cove guardians and bridge builders here. There is a piece of land directly across from the cove that Scott and I have tossed crazy thoughts/questions around…we should talk…even Elora and I had the exact same thought…

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