Day 1 – Cove Guardian Report…

19 11 2010

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When I woke at 5:30am this morning I ate noodles…very different breakfast here than at home. We leave each morning at 6:30am. Libby, Tarah and Matthew came to the cove with us but by late morning they had to leave Taiji for home. Disappointing when the team leaves and especially that we just got here. But good news, more cove guardians are on their way.

My Mom and me were with Big Guns and Thomas to Promontory Point to be on lookout for the dolphin hunters. The other cove guardians were at the cove. After waiting for an hour or more we saw the fisherman out far on the horizon beyond the shipping lanes. They were spread far out from each other. I got in trouble a few times for wanting to explore and we were told to be overly cautious for bad guys who don’t like why we are here. So, my Mom sat me down more than once and I finally got her message. My Mom saw an older man near the path I had wandered down and when he saw her, he began to run down the path. She was kind of worried.

A little later the fisherman had been looking like they were playing cat and mouse. Three boats from the south looked like they were coming in, then all of a sudden they headed north. Everyone thought the other fisherman were seeing a family of dolphins. After a long time waiting and watching we finally saw them begin to head in our direction. That told us they did not have a pod of dolphins with them. This was great for our first day.

What really made me sad today was seeing the dolphins being held in captivity in very small holding pens. I saw them breathe and flap their tails. I wonder if they miss their family who have been killed. I saw the Japanese fisherman trying to improve their tarps on the gutting barge and included is a picture. They do not want Sea Shepherd taking pictures of them.

The other high point of today was going to Wonderland with Big Guns. After walking up 108 stairs we finally reached the top that looks out over the skyline. It is beautiful here but knowing what happens makes it ugly to me.

A reporter for Japan Times came from Tokyo and interviewed me tonight. Yuri says he will email us when the article is released but it will be in Japanese. He is trying to get the fisherman to share their story but they won’t talk. They hide a lot.

For the dolphins – may they swim forever free!

William DeBord




6 responses

19 11 2010

Hi William,

Thank you for your update. I’m so glad there were no killings today. Stay safe…

Love and prayers,

Sharon & Scott

19 11 2010
Cindy Carroll

Thank you for the update. Thank you for being in Taiji. I know you both will make a difference. Both of you be safe and take care.

Cindy Carroll

20 11 2010
Mike Lorden

Great blog! How long are and your mom there? I arrive on December 2nd. It would be great to meet you and shake your hand.

20 11 2010
Lisa Lorden

Hi William,

You are very compassionate and courageous to be at the cove. The dolphins have a special cove guardian with you there.

Take good care,


20 11 2010

Thank you William for your great blog and thank you for being there with your mom. You both are very brave.

Please thank all the guardians from all of us around the world who are watching from so far away. Stay safe and be strong.

P.S. Tell Big Guns thanks for writing his blog too–I’ve been reading but just haven’t commented yet.

Cheryl Walenty
Maine, USA

20 11 2010
Belinda Haynes

William, thank you to you and your Mom for being a voice for the dolphins and all of us who just can not be there with you at the present time. You are doing an amazing thing by being there. Please keep the updates coming and stay strong.

Belinda Haynes
Ft Worth Texas

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