Day 1 – Call of Duty at The Cove Begins…

18 11 2010

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It’s nearly 4:00am and William and I are about to take on our first day of active duty at The Cove. We know our eyes will witness an evil that will change us forever.

Our train from Osaka yesterday did not allow us to make it in time to witness the unfortunate occurrence of 9 babies losing their entire family to slaughter. The babies were taken to the whale museum and everyone else was killed. It’s highly unlikely the babies will survive without their Mama’s. To make it even more disturbing, two additional adult dolphins were removed from captivity at the museum, put on a skiff (small boat), wrapped in foam and taken to the gutting barge then gutted alive (saw the footage myself). This is what happens here. While all this was happening, a local marathon was taking place directly in front of the cove, but hidden from the “killing cove”.

Later in the day, our new friend Scott West of Sea Shepherd took William and me to The Cove and gave us a quiet opportunity to see and “feel” this place. No words can describe what I feel, even now after 10 hours of “soaking it in”. I wonder if this is what it feels like to visit a concentration camp in Germany or war-torn Rwanda – so many lives taken, so much disregard for life.

Please see Elora Malama West’s Cove Guardian Report for detail of yesterday’s event (click here).

William will be authoring today’s accounts while I, his personal Secretary will type…we need you all “out there” on the front lines making calls to the Japanese Embassies – it WILL make a difference and appears it is…they are hanging up on callers…the pressure is on them – please keep it up! Do not be weary doing good.

For the dolphins – may they swim forever free,
Carrie & William DeBord




4 responses

18 11 2010

So glad to hear you made it there safely. Praying for you…

18 11 2010
Louise Mauter

Thanks for being our eyes when you are there! Stay strong and I too will pray for you. This, I am sure, will have a lifetime effect on you. You are making a difference. I only wish I had the money to join you. Trying to find a sponsor.
Please keep us up to date and look forward to reading your entries.

19 11 2010
Suzanne Reid

The Lord bless William’s and your work there!

1 12 2010

Hello Carrie, Anti-Sea World day is coming up in January. We are looking for a leader to start a peaceful protest in front of the San Antonio location. We have organized one for San Diego and Orlando, but havnen’t found anyone to be our voice in San Antonio. Any help or suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in Advance!

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