Huge pod is captured, again

8 11 2010

Another large pod is trapped…after capturing so many only days ago and releasing some just yesterday…

Please call the Japanese Embassy @ 202-238-6700. The after hours emergency person will kindly take your name and telephone number or transfer your call to voicemail. They are logging all calls. The Japanese government is responsible for allowing this to occur. Please send a strong GLOBAL voice of opposition against these horrendous actions!

For the dolphins, may they swim forever free!
Carrie & William DeBord




3 responses

8 11 2010

Good luck on your trip! And be safe!

9 11 2010
Carrie & William

Thank you, Kori! It was great to meet you yesterday as well as the other gals. Thank you for being receptive to what is happening in Taiji and being a part of William’s and my journey to Japan! May the dolphins swim forever free! Keep your eyes peeled and please share the plight of the dolphins to others. Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian update via their website will provide current reports too. Best, Carrie

13 11 2010

I wish you all the best hope you have a safe trip.
I’ll be following your blog.

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