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7 11 2010

After the past 4 days I have no words – just raw emotions and the summary of a very disturbing week in Taiji…

As far as Sea Shepherd can tell this week’s catch; 140 caught, 56 taken into a life of slavery, 24-30 slaughtered and about 54 released back into the wild. Fewer than 40% of this thriving family pod survived against the dolphin rapists. How would we feel, what would we think if this were being done to us?

This is a gripping video (click here, a must see – no blood)

These men and women are “filthy” rich:
56 slave trade dolphins @ reported $300,000 USD each = total $16,800,000 USD
24-30 dead dolphins @ $650 USD each = total $15,600/$19,500 USD
And there are already 50 dolphins barely swimming in pens…this brings their captive trade balance sheet to 106. Do the math. What is “cultural” about this?

Tomorrow whaling festivals begin around Japan and they celebrate by “whaling”, and against international whaling laws no less – under the guise of “research”. Something is terribly wrong with all of this.

Please consider buying non-Japanese products and refraining from being entertained by wild-caught captive animals.

Important on-the-ground videos by current cove guardians:
Rosie and Dinielle




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7 11 2010

It’s hard not to rage against what is happening and to find something positive, but what I find to be positive is the outpouring of support that Elora and the other Cove Guardians receive from so many people from so many different backgrounds…it gives you hope.

10 11 2010
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