Don’t lose hope…

4 11 2010

Tonight as William was about to go out into his mission field telling more people around our apartment complex of what happens in Taiji, he shared a true feeling. He said, “Mom – I’m starting to get discouraged and lose hope. People tell me I can take care of their pets but they have not called and I’m trying to earn my way to Taiji. The fishermen continue to kill the dolphins even though the world is all around them telling them to stop. The Mayor of Taiji lied and wouldn’t let the Japanese know the truth by allowing the reporters in the interview yesterday… ”. If there was ever a lesson that I was not looking forward to talking about, that is one of them. But as his parent, I must sit down, listen and break the news – life is difficult, but never lose hope. And what came next couldn’t make the point even more poignant…

Current Cove Guardians are reporting, right now – as I write this they believe a pod of dolphins are at risk of being captured and herded into the killing cove in Taiji.

I can’t help but recall the movie, Finding Nemo. Have you seen it (if not, a great movie)? If yes, do you recall the scene where a large school of Tuna along with little Nemo are caught in a fisherman’s net. Struggling to escape, other fish outside the net scream to Nemo and the Tuna to swim down as hard as they could to break the net which encapsulates them. Thankfully Nemo and the Tuna escape.

A motto for the dolphins being shared among us who are passionate about what’s happening in Taiji is “swim far, swim fast, swim deep”…reminds me of those fish in Finding Nemo. I hope within the next few hours the reports out of Taiji are that the dolphins got away, and in turn give William a ray of hope.


May the dolphins swim forever free!!
Carrie and William




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4 11 2010

swim far,swim fast,swim deep

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