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31 10 2010

On the Newsfeed portion of Facebook, it leaves a little window for saying what’s on a person’s mind…I have so many thoughts lately that little space just doesn’t suffice – and with last week’s slaughter of at least 59 dolphins, I have lots going through my head…can you relate??

As I began to drive home from work yesterday I noticed an itty bitty spider hitching a ride on my forearm (do you remember the itsy bitsy spider song your Mom or kindergarten teacher sang to you?). I thought for a split second to gently blow him off my arm but then decided to let him enjoy the view out the window. Then I thought how many people would smash it instead. I got disenchanted with that thought because probably most would exterminate the little creature. Once home this lucky spider got a bush to go do what it was intended to do – spin webs, eat other bugs and “live” the life it was given. This got me thinking…

As William has grown up he has always fought for the welfare and rights of animals. He picks up and trashes the poison traps, the sticky traps and anything else that will hurt or kill an animal – regardless of size, appearance or purpose for existence. In William’s 2nd grade class he debated his Teacher on whether or not a rattlesnake should live or die if found on their personal property. Why couldn’t the snake or any other unwanted critter be picked up by an animal rescue organization and taken to another location rather than killed? Mr. Jones confessed he eventually let go of trying to justify his point of view and said he learned something from William that day. We hope that when Mr. Jones sees another rattle snake that he will consider other options rather than killing.

So what do little spiders and rattlesnakes have to do with dolphins in Taiji?

What makes the fisherman in Taiji terminate the life of thousands of dolphins each year? Well, why do people smash tiny spiders or poison little field mice or intelligent rats? Why do people slice the head off a snake and let it suffer and slowly die? Why do people kill wild animals and display their heads as trophies to mount on walls or take pictures of the carcass to show off to all their buddies? Why are millions of animals beaten and starved to death? And why do people let 400 cows die every hour of nearly every day in just 1 inhumane slaughterhouse because people “want” to eat them? Shoot – I’ll even add this, why are millions of unborn babies aborted each year? Is it that humans have lost the purpose and value of each beings life? Maybe humans have always had this capacity to devalue other living beings. Are humans perfect, no – we are not…but we do have choice.

Since our decision to go to Taiji many people ask us why don’t the Taiji fishermen just let the unwanted dolphins go back into the ocean rather than brutally killing them – that is an excellent question. Its clear why the trainers pick the best looking dolphins and sell them into captivity – LOTS of money (doesn’t this sound like a form of eugenics? And by the way, I hope you will decide to NOT participate in swimming with dolphin resort programs, Sea World, Dolphinarium activities). Perhaps there is something significant underneath all this. Why do the fisherman do what they do and without remorse? How is it possible to take a baby dolphin and in someone’s face slit the baby’s throat just to make an on looking, caring person angry? How is it possible a person can laugh while they hack the life out of an innocent creature that God created? What is inside a person to cause such black hearted acts? Why don’t some people seem to care? And the Taiji fishermen look at us and say we do the same thing to the cows, the pigs, the chickens – you name it. They have a point, the US factory slaughterhouse as mentioned above. Those animals live a HORRIBLE existence…and what do we do…we continue to go through the drive thru, buy the meat, buy more meat and not pay any attention to the animals that are tortured out there. And I am speaking of myself…I am guilty of this, but I am changing. I have to ask though, why do so many people not care? Why all the apathy?

I can’t help but think it’s the condition of the human heart. Unless the heart of a person is transformed it can’t see its way to wisdom, compassion, forgiveness and fact that there is another choice, another alternative.

Don’t we all serve a purpose in this world; humans, animals, all living parts of God’s creation? And in that same consideration, shouldn’t there be respect and responsibility along the way?




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31 10 2010
Sheri Hargrove

Hi Carrie!
William sounds like an amazing young man! I look forward to meeting you both someday….
As for why the fisherman don’t just release the dolphins back into the wild, well, I believe the answer is because they see the dolphin as a nuisance, the dolphins eating fish that they, the fisherman, might otherwise catch. It’s a sorry excuse, but then again so is the whole situation!

31 10 2010
Carrie & William

Hi Sheri,

It will be great to meet!

Thinking about that option, I don’t see them fishing or even trying to fish for any other marine animal but dolphin. That is all they go out and even attempt to catch. They have their dolphin herding nets and that is all they have brought in. Have you seen different?

1 11 2010

Hi Carrie & William,

First of all, William, I am quite impressed with your committment to help all animals, it gives me hope to see someone of your age doing what you are doing, keep up the good work!

Carrie, your thoughts about the atrocities we as humans inflict on the defenseless animals is something that I try to understand as well. I believe that people are so far removed from where their food comes from. It takes too much effort to think about it and it makes them feel uncomfortable, so it’s easier for them to put their blinders on. It’s not just food and the factory farms, but the animal testing, the fashion industry–what it boils down to is making money doing whatever it takes and exploiting whatever and whoever to achieve that goal. It is truly very sad.

My daughter, who is 13, and I have taken the journey from consuming animal protein from supermarkets, to finding local farms who raise their animals organically and humanely, to not eating animal protein at all except eggs and milk from free range, humanely treated animals. Slaughter has alwas been something I’ve struggled with…and I grew up on a farm. I think if more people were present when that pig was slaughtered, they might think twice about the bacon that was on their plate and to rethink how and what they eat.

It is mind boggling how people think–that these beautiful dolphins, whales and other mammals of the ocean are the reason that fish stock is vanishing–it couldn’t be that the oceans have been over-fished and habitats have been destroyed by industrialized civilization.

I follow Elora’s blog every day and check in for updates daily. I do what I can from here and thanks to people like yourself, your son and everyone else who has volunteered to be on the front lines, the word is getting out and hopefully we can bring an end to this.

Stay safe and stay strong and I look forward to reading your blogs.

Warm regards,
Maine USA

2 11 2010
Carrie & William

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you so much for your email and the time and thought behind it. I will be sure to pass along your encouragement to William. I know he will appreciate it.

I will look forward to more dialogue along the journey!


2 11 2010
Carrie & William
2 11 2010
Suzanne Reid

We are tracking with you.

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