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21 10 2010

William has displayed great passion and clear communication as he’s taken to the streets to tell “The Cove” story. As he’s passed out his pet sitting/dog walking flyers around our apartment complex his #1 message; the Dolphin slaughter in Taiji – he wants everyone to know (inset picture; William w/his flyer). It’s amazing as I stay in the background to listen and ensure his safety. Even if people do not have animals, he continues to share the truth and engages many, even people whose “culture” typically shy’s away from topics of this nature. He doesn’t back down, remains respectful and is encouraged by the response. This really doesn’t surprise me…he’s been committed to saving bunnies, squirrels, snakes and birds around our community – this is a natural response for him. I can only imagine what this experience will do within him. He says, “Mom, we’re going to rescue Dolphins…they are so much bigger than bunnies and squirrels”. I support where his heart takes him.

So, 26 more days to go before he head to Taiji…till then, we’re baking cookies to sell and continuing to pass out flyers to raise awareness to anyone willing to hear…much to do!

And great news…the weather in Taiji has been terrible for the fisherman but PERFECT for the Dolphins…no deaths this week!

For the Dolphins…may they swim forever free!
Carrie & William




One response

1 11 2010

Hi William and Carrie,

I saw the shark brochure and am becoming more educated on this issue. Thanks for sending the link today.

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