Please, do not turn your head…

14 10 2010

Okay – where to begin…

First off, Elora Malama – a current Taiji Cove Guardian and AMAZING young woman of 16 is posting daily on her blog all that happens in Taiji (photos, videos, reports). I encourage subscribing to her blog. Elora will educate you, and make you think, not just of what’s happening in Taiji but on broader topics closely related. She has a gift and I applaud her for using it (and her Parents for allowing her)! Elora’s blog page.

If you have not already heard, this past Tuesday an estimated 15-20 Risso Dolphins were killed by the vicious stabs of the Taiji fisherman (see the Academy Award movie, The Cove to see for yourselves their practice). This is the second slaughter of the hunting season which does not end until March. Two dolphins were chosen for a life of drugs, performances and wearing fake smiles (sounds like human trafficing doesn’t it?). Do the trainers REALLY believe these animals enjoy being kept in small pools as opposed to the open ocean – I don’t think so!! And wait a minute, aren’t the Trainers supposed to really care about the animals? I am REALLY questioning this in light of their visible involvement at Taiji’s killing cove. The fisherman receive an estimated $150,000 USD for each “show” quality dolphin and – the balance are killed, brutally killed…the dead dolphins fetch around $650 USD. If I sound harsh, it’s because it’s a harsh and ugly reality. Please, do not turn your head – see Elora’s blog or our blogroll websites to see the evidence!

As William and I read the daily reports out of Taiji we discuss the issues. We are getting ever so closer to being Vegan’s. When we consider what animals endure at commercial farms and see it with our own eyes we are appalled. We wonder if it was intended to be this way. We can’t imagine that to be the case. Perhaps when human population was not so enormous it was manageable. We are in a quandary of life long “easy” and “convenient” habits – but there is a cost to millions, and I mean millions of animals. We really don’t think it was intended to be that way. We look at animal food differently lately. We don’t want them to suffer – and they suffer greatly in these commercial farms. It’s not right. We don’t want to buy meat, we don’t want to buy milk and we don’t want to buy eggs. Guess this means we get to expand our culinary appetite and cooking customs…that’s okay by us!

Our time to prepare for the journey to Taiji has raised many important thoughts and considerations…I am glad for that…now its a matter of walkin the talk!

Countdown – 33 days till departure to Taiji!

For the Dolphins…may they swim forever free!
Carrie & William




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