An invitation to “cyber” travel with us to Taiji…

9 10 2010

Just a couple of Friday’s ago while cooking supper, I had a crazy idea…”why not let go of going to Africa (for now) and go help the Dolphins of Japan instead”. I instantly shared the thought with my 10-year old son, William – his eyeballs were as large as dinner plates (saucers were way to small). He realized this was huge for me as my heart for the people of Africa and desire to swim with South African sharks has been a heart tug for a VERY long time. So, we called American Airlines and redeemed 100,000 frequent flier miles…we’re going to Japan…CRAZY…I never thought I would be traveling to Japan!!!

It’s been WILD since. William’s created a dog walking/pet sitting business to help fund his travel to Taiji (it’s that or he’ll be part of my luggage). He and three of his buddies are in the process of passing out cool fliers to promote his business. In two day’s, he’s received $238.00 in donations and 6 new customers!!! The boys are inspired by people’s response to help the Dolphins. What a life defining moment for them as young boys!

Why are we going, why is this so important? A number of reasons really, but here are a few on top of our minds…

William has a gigantic heart for animals – its his intention to work with animals, and be an activist – protecting them and the environment that they are losing to over development…he looks up to the brave men and women of Sea Shepherd, Save Japan Dolphins, Sharkwater and all those who were instrumental in the Academy Award winning movie, The Cove. Frankly, I won’t argue – I agree with him 100%!

William and I believe that we have a responsibility to respect all of God’s creations regardless if its human, animal, plant, etc. Life is life and its precious to us.

Our desired outcome from this experience:
1) To raise awareness to as many people as possible of what happens to nearly 23,000 dolphins each hunting season in Japan. This must stop.

2) By our respectful presence in Taiji, we hope it communicates to the fisherman and the Japanese government that we are watching and care about the situation.

3) To save dolphins so they can swim freely in the ocean.

We encourage you to explore some of the websites on our Blogroll to learn more about what’s happening and to see what you can do to help.

We’ll be counting the days till we leave for Taiji (38 as of today) and it won’t come soon enough.

We hope you will travel with us through this experience and help if you can.

For the Taiji Dolphins ā€“ may they swim forever free!

Carrie & William




9 responses

9 10 2010
Tina Keel

Good for you Carrie! I think this is AWESOME!! : )

Good luck!

10 10 2010
Carrie & William

Hi Tina – couldn’t agree with you more…we think its awesome too! Hope you “travel” with us through the journey by subscribing so you get up-to-date happenings once we get there…should be quite an experience for sure!

9 10 2010
Debbie Licker

if we ALL did some sort of service, imagine what our world would be like!! prayers for safe and productive travel…

10 10 2010
Carrie & William

Hi Deb – great to hear from you!! Hope you LOVE living in Washington…we would really like to make a journey there to visit one day…do you have space :-)? Hope to chat more soon!

9 10 2010
Suzanne Reid

I love your enthusiasm! You are inspirational! William is in for a ride.

10 10 2010
Carrie & William

Thank you, Susy…candidly – you inspire us! We’re working in William’s National Art Contest piece today and he’s doing a fantastic job so far…thank you for the coaching :-)!

11 10 2010

What a wonderful adventure. Looking forward to “traveling” with you – and Bravo to William’s new business. Love, love, love young entreprenuers!

12 10 2010

This was a very nice blog…have fun and a safe trip!!

15 10 2010
Kevin McGlothlin

Love the blog website … very well done! Need to make sure you post plenty of pics of your adventure.

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